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The Devil Horse

Anybody who has flown into or out of Denver has to have seen the 32’, 9000-lb sculpture at DIA titled “Blue Mustang” by late artist, Luis Jiménez. It is outside on a grass knoll near the terminal. People have mixed emotions about the art. Many love it, while others detest it. The work has garnered nicknames such as Devil Horse, DIAblo, Satan’s Stallion and the Denver Demon Mustang. The statue’s blue fiberglass color, flaring nostrils and brightly lit, red LED eyes certainly add to the drama.

There is a disturbing true story attached to many of those names. The artist was killed in his studio when a piece of the statue fell on him as he was working to complete it. This has some people claiming the statue is possessed.

Jiménez was a controversial artist, and if part of the purpose of art is to create dialogue and comment, then “Mustang” has certainly succeeded in that regard.

At any rate, I thought Halloween was an ideal time for this photo and the story that goes along with it. The image is a composite of a recent full moon photo I took and an evening image of the statue from a few nights ago.