This is a panorama of the Continental Divide this past weekend from Loveland Pass (11,990’) in Colorado. There is a lot of snow left in high country. Some of the snowplow cuts on the road going up to the pass were 10’-12’ deep!

This panorama is from the top of the pass. You can see the ski and snowboard tracks below as enthusiasts often have someone drop them off at the top of the pass and then ski/snowboard down to friends in a waiting car part way down the pass road.

Sadly, this is where about three weeks ago five skiers and snowboarders were killed in a large avalanche. They ventured into dangerous conditions and a giant slab of snow they were on let loose. Ominous avalanche warnings had been posted by authorities. They had avalanche beacons on as a precaution, but one of the party was found buried 16’ deep in the snow. No beacon can save you from that!

Backcountry Colorado is beautiful in all seasons, and I hope everyone has a chance to experience it. However, in winter and spring it can also turn deadly in the bat of an eye. Please heed these warnings and encourage others to do the same.